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    Are you ready for an adventure?

    Do you like surprising stories?

Come and solve a mystery, which will take your breath away

Márty B.: "Really perfect game. Great story with an interesting end."
Radek K.: "Great though out game. I highly recommend it to all!"

Escape game is an interactive, logical and adventurous team game which takes place in a real time and in a real space. The goal is to escape the room. Your role is to unravel puzzles and solve the mystery in limited time. Your age or knowledge are not a factor. Be a detective, search, collaborate and maybe you manage to escape.

Our game: "Professor's office"

The office belongs to a well-known professor of chemistry. He has been acting very strange recently and is not reachable at the moment.

His colleague is asking you for help. He has started a secret investigation.

Find out what happened…

…before it's too late…

What can you expect?

  • Puzzles
  • There is a unique set of puzzles waiting for you.
  • Think fast, act even faster.
  • Time is running…
  • Teamwork
  • Everything is easier when working together…
  • Build up a good team and have fun with your colleagues/friends!
  • The game is a perfect opportunity for a teambuilding.
  • Mystery
  • Why suddenly nothing makes sense?
  • Where is the everyday routine? 
  • Is there anything that will make you act differently than expected?
  • Adventure
  • The game is not only about puzzles and keys.
  • Find clues and use your logic to solve the mystery.
  • Nothing is as it seems. Get excited.

Book your game today!

  • You have 75 minutes to solve the mystery, use your time well.
  • Come 10 minutes before your booked time.
  • The game is designed for 2-5 players. You can also enter the room in 6 but expect less comfort.
  • The price is 1500 CZK for the whole group (300 CZK/person in case of 5 players).
  • You can pay in cash before the game or by a wire transfer (the payment needs to be credited to our account
    1 day before your game day, use name from registration form as payment reference).
    Bank account: 2400681852/2010

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