Escape the room is a team game

When playing the escape game, you have to cooperate and help one another. Each member of the team is important and useful. Cooperation and proper organisation is the key to success. Find out who is a leading type and who on the other hand just listens to commands; who works consciously and does not give up and who gets stuck and resigns right when the team needs them the most.





Why suddenly nothing makes sense?

Where is the everyday routine?

Is there anything that will make you act differently than expected?

There is a unique set of puzzles waiting for you.

Think fast, act even faster.

Time is running.


Everything is easier when working together.

Build up a good team and have fun with your colleagues/friends!

The game is a perfect opportunity for a teambuilding.

The game is not only about puzzles and keys.

Find clues and use your logic to solve the mystery.

Nothing is as it seems. Get excited.

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